Resident Evil 2 Guide: Mr. Raccoon Locations And How To Unlock The Unbreakable Combat Knife


In the Resident Evil 2 remake, Mr. Raccoon Toys are spread around all over the place. They're not just some new collectible to, well, collect for fun either, but they're also the key to unlock the Unbreakable Combat Knife.

There are 15 Mr. Raccoon Toys in total, some of which appear only in Leon's or Claire's playthrough or both. Also, they show up in each location only once, meaning they won't respawn in the area they were broken again.

Where To Find The Mr. Raccoon Toys

To break things down, eight of them turn up in both characters' stories, three in Leon's, three in Claire's, and one in a second run, regardless of whom you're playing as.

Getting down to it straight away, here are the Mr. Raccoon locations:

Mr. Raccoon Toy 1: Leon or Claire; Raccoon City Police Department, West Office, 1F

North wall on top of high cabinets.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 2: Leon or Claire; Raccoon City Police Department, S.T.A.R.S. Office, 2F

In a corner behind a few boxes and a computer monitor.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 3: Leon or Claire; R.P.D. Parking Garage, Firing Range, B1

Below a target that got knocked over on the back wall.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 4: Leon; Raccoon City Police Department, Break Room, 1F

Near the bunkbed, behind some bags.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 5: Leon or Claire; Raccoon City Police Department, East Hall, 2F

On a small table by the stairwell.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 6: Claire; Raccoon City Police Department, East Storage Heart Door Room, 3F

In the south room, on a shelf next to the door.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 7: Leon or Claire; Raccoon City Police Department, Clock Tower Passage, 3F

In the hall beyond the Clock Tower, on the windowsill.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 8: Claire; Destroyed Bus on Streets Behind R.P.D

On the dashboard of a bus on the other side of the court.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 9: Claire; Orphanage Nursery, 2F

In one of the cubby holes.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 10: Leon; Sewer Entrance

Right after running from the Mutated Alligator, in the corner.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 11: Leon; Sewers Incinerator, Upper Level

As Ada, near the right large incinerator door.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 12: Leon or Claire; Sewer Supplies Storage Room Hall, Lower Level

Before going inside the Supplies Storage Room, behind some boxes in the corner.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 13: Leon or Claire; Laboratory Cafeteria, Lab North Area

In the back of the room, on the countertop near the window.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 14: Leon or Claire; Laboratory Nap Room, Lab North Area

In the part where you open the nap pods, in the first pod.

Mr. Raccoon Toy 15: Leon or Claire; Raccoon Police Department, Side Entrance, 1F

On the left among the plants, toward the side entrance. Note: This is available only in a second playthrough.

As mentioned earlier, breaking all of them will unlock the Unbreakable Combat Knife, and it'll be available in the Item Box for any runs in the future. You'll also earn the "Complete Vermin Extermination" achievement once you smash them all, which correlates with the "Vermin Extermination" trophy that pops up after you destroy your first Mr. Raccoon Toy.

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The Resident Evil 2 remake came out on Jan. 25. It's available on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $59.99.

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