In-Game Ads Are Coming To ‘Street Fighter V’ But You Can Turn Them Off


A number of gamers have expressed their fury over Capcom's decision to include in-game ads on Street Fighter V, a change which begins Dec. 11.

The ads will appear during loading screens, on stages, and on costumes. However, players will be able to turn them off, according to Capcom.

The sponsored content, Capcom says, will be displayed on those locations "to remind you about costumes, bundles and the Capcom Pro Tour." Players who choose to turn the ads on will get special in-game currency credits, called Fight Money, in ranked and casual matches.

Street Fighter V Gets Ads

Every character has an "ad style" costume, as Capcom explains in a blog post. This is where the sponsored content will appear — either on the model itself or somewhere on their clothing. In the image featured above, there are advertisements for the Capcom Pro Tour on Ryu and Balrog's gloves and clothes.

Additionally, sponsored content will appear in the versus screen right before a battle begins. Capcom says this will not affect loading screen times.

Finally, there are stage ads. Some tournament stages will have sponsored content in them. The Ring of Power is one such stage, and in the example image Capcom provided, there's a Capcom Pro Tour tournament on the ground.

How To Turn The Ads Off

Again, players are free to toggle these ads off if so they wish. To get rid of them, simply go to Battle Settings.

Despite this, some players have expressed their anger over the change.

"It's wrong to incentivise your users to expose themselves to ads in a game they [paid] full money for, on top of DLC, in order to earn Fight Money at a rate they were [two] years ago before the nerf," according to Reddit user legendary_motives.

Some are more lax about the situation, however.

"People are trying to make you buy their product all the time, world runs on marketing and money. It doesn't really inconvenience me in any way from the sounds of it, therefore I ain't upset about it," according to Reddit user NaisuFight.

Across the board, there are also concerns on what Capcom intends to do next, or if the ad thing evolves into something more pernicious, such as including promotional material for other sponsors.

Thoughts about Capcom adding in-game ads in Street Fighter V? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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