Apple Music Subscribers No Longer Have To Pay For Wi-Fi On American Airlines


Apple has partnered with American Airlines so Apple Music subscribers won't have to pay for Wi-Fi during flights just to listen to their tunes.

Beginning Feb. 1, customers will be able to access their Apple Music library for free on any American Airlines domestic flight, provided the plane they're on has Viasat satellite Wi-Fi onboard. This marks the first time Apple has partnered with an airline for one of its products, although it's safe to assume it won't be the last.

Compatible Devices

Thankfully, Apple is making this perk compatible with a bevy of devices. Apart from iPhones, iPads, and Macs, free Apple Music streaming will also work on PCs and Android devices, so no need to be locked into iOS system at all.

"For most travelers, having music to listen to on the plane is just as important as anything they pack in their suitcases," said Apple Music VP Oliver Schusser. "With the addition of Apple Music on American flights, we are excited that customers can now enjoy their music in even more places. Subscribers can stream all their favorite songs and artists in the air, and continue to listen to their personal library offline, giving them everything they need to truly sit back, relax and enjoy their flight."

Just to be clear, only existing Apple Music subscribers can take advantage of this. Apple says those who don't have a subscription may sign up onboard and receive three months of free access. After that, it's $9.99 a month.

Other Airlines?

Apple's partnership arrives at an opportune time, since American Airlines says all its domestic aircraft will have onboard Wi-Fi by mid-2019. This should be a boon for all frequent travelers who want to tune out the noises of airborne travel, not to mention passengers who can get too chatty.

Apple Music is available on pretty much any major device there is, including a number of smart speakers. Because of this, the Cupertino brand will likely strike similar deals with other airlines to provide Apple Music access to broader flight audiences without them having to pay for Wi-Fi. It's a smart move because it'll keep customers happy and establish a steady revenue stream for Apple Music at the same time.

Do you fly frequently with American Airlines? What do you think of this new perk? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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