Apple Music has reportedly surpassed Spotify in terms of paying subscribers in the United States, a feat that only needed time to happen due to the higher growth rate of Apple's music streaming service.

The growth of Apple Music has greatly exceeded expectations, highlighting the power of the Apple ecosystem. What is Apple planning next for it?

Apple Music vs Spotify

According to an exclusive report by Digital Music News, Apple Music now has more U.S. paying subscribers than Spotify, citing a U.S.-based major distributor.

The confidential information was part of a report that detailed the subscriber numbers of the various music streaming services. The report claimed that Apple Music and Spotify have over 20 million paid subscribers in the United States, with Apple Music "a hair ahead" from rival Spotify. The source requested for the exact subscriber numbers to be limited to the vague range of more than 20 million to protect confidentiality.

Apple Music has now reached the 20 million paying subscribers milestone just after three years from launch, while Spotify, founded in 2006, entered the United States in 2011.

Apple Music overtaking Spotify is a significant achievement, but it was not at all surprising. Many believed that it was just a matter of time before Apple Music grabs the top spot in the music streaming service.

In February, it was reported that the number of Spotify paid subscribers worldwide was double compared to Apple Music, but it was believed that Apple Music will catch up by the summer. By May, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple Music subscribers have reached 50 million, though the figure included users on the free three-month trial.

It is unclear if Apple Music has also overtaken Spotify in terms of paid subscribers worldwide, but it will also not be a surprise if that has already happened.

Apple Music Bundle Coming Soon?

Now that Apple Music has overtaken Spotify in terms of paid subscribers in the United States, what could be next for the music streaming service.

In addition to looking to widen its lead over its rivals, Apple is reportedly planning to create a subscription bundle that will include Apple Music, original content, and iCloud storage. Sources have varying opinions on the Apple Music bundle price point, with some fearing that it will be expensive like how Apple positioned the iPhone X, and other believing that it will be cheaper than its components combined to attract customers.

With Apple Music soaring to new heights, combining it with other services for customers who have deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem is definitely a possibility. However, nothing is official until Apple makes an announcement.

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