A new spectator tool to watch Overwatch League (OWL) matches is rolling out, and it's got a lot of features to let viewers get a close look at all the action.

It's made through a collaboration between Blizzard and Twitch, and it's coming as the second season of OWL is about to kick off in a few weeks' time.

'Command Center'

It isn't easy to keep track of everything that's going on in an Overwatch match, but with the "command center" tool, the viewer is put in control of what they're going to see and how they're going to see it.

Features include switching between the first-person perspectives of the pro players while streaming the main broadcast, as well as the ability to open two feeds along with an overhead look at the map.

"Watch in first-person from any pro player's point of view OR from any role. Or, choose from a slew of various multi-view options, including first-person and overhead views, alongside the main broadcast to see the action from every angle," Twitch says in a blog post.

It's part of the new All-Access Pass, which, as a reminder, comes with a ton of other benefits: 200 Overwatch League tokens, 500 bonus Bits, removal of ads, access to Q&A sessions with pro players, and more.

Overwatch League 2019

The first match of the second season is going to be the Philadelphia Fusion against the London Spitfire, who won the first championship in 2018 and are, obviously, the defending champions this year.

OWL 2019 is scheduled to start at 4 p.m. PT or 7 p.m. ET on Feb. 14. An All-Access Pass, which comes with the command center tool, is available for $15 on Twitch.

For those who are interested but are still on the fence, Twitch is offering a 48-hour free trial at the start of each Overwatch League Stage.

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