Uber To Give Free Rides To Losing Super Bowl Team


Because it's hard to grieve, mourn, and cry while driving a car, Uber says it's giving free rides to folks whose team loses at the upcoming Super Bowl game.

That's right — Uber offering Uber Rewards members in Los Angeles or Boston free rides home after the game. Only the losing city will be eligible, of course.

Uber will send Uber Rewards promo codes after the game, which members can use to get the free ride. Obviously, only the losing city will be eligible for the perk. To add insult to injury, Uber is calling this its "Unhappy Hour" program.

Unhappy Hour

"This Sunday, Uber Rewards members in the losing city get free rides for 60 minutes after the game. Uber Rewards keeps life moving when life gets in the way, like when the saddest fans on earth just want to go home and cry a little," Uber said in an announcement.

Those who live in Los Angeles or Boston must open the Uber app on gameday and tap the Unhappy Hour at the bottom of the screen. They'll find a promo code that'll be activated if their team loses. Funnily enough, this might just be the only promo code a person would wish never to get. The code will only work after the final whistle, after which folks from the city can proceed with requesting for a free ride.

Here's The Catch

There are some caveats worth noting, though: firstly, the ride can only be up to an hour long. Secondly, the total fare mustn't exceed $50. Considering that it will be a busy time in both cities and surge pricing will likely apply, $50 might not be too significant a discount. The rider must cover anything beyond the initial $50.

What's more, the Unhappy Hour program will only work with UberX, UberXL, UberPOOL, Express Pool, and WAV trips. Members must also request rides within 60 minutes post-game.

Uber Rewards

Lastly, as mentioned, the promotion will only be available to members of Uber Rewards, the company's recently launched incentive program. Fortunately, becoming a member is super easy. Just open Uber and sign up for the Uber Rewards program. Unhappy Hour also doesn't require anyone to reach a certain tier, so as long as a user is an Uber Rewards member, they'll receive the promo code.

Super Bowl 53 happens Sunday, Feb. 3. Check out airing times.

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