Q Acoustics, which has made itself famous in the music industry for its high-end audiophile speakers, brings its latest, expensive creation: the brand-new Concept 300.

Interestingly, the Concept 300 arrives with an aluminum tripod stand that is not just an ordinary tripod stand but a completely new loudspeaker support concept. According to critics, the Tensegrity stand is the real star and not the speaker itself.

Tensegrity Tripod Stand

The Tensegrity stand, which is named after its "structural principle," is made of aluminum tubes in a tripod shape for maximum stability and stainless steel cables to keep everything together. What makes this tripod stand one-of-a-kind is its floating compression — the integrity of the structure that is provided by the balance of the tubes and the cables.

The Tensegrity tripod stand has a self-supporting structure that is not prone to bending force, thereby killing unnecessary vibrations. In a review article, Dani Deahl of The Verge wrote that Tensegrity is "wonderful for speakers," adding that the aluminum tripod stand is an exceptional example of "form meets function."

The Concept 300 speaker is placed on top of the four springs of the new, integrated base plate that guarantees a solid base support system for the speaker. Q Acoustics said that this base suspension system is designed to:

  •  Prevent energy from the speaker leaking into the Tensegrity stand and affecting the sound
  •  Prevent vibrations for the floor making their way from the stands into the speaker,
  •  In every circumstance, it provides a rigid coupling between speaker and stand

The Concept 300 Speaker

The Concept 300, which heavily weighs 33 pounds or about 14.97 kilograms each, contains a 6.5 inch mid/bass driver and a 1.1-inch high-frequency driver. The mid/bass driver has spring-tensioned retaining bolts and hidden screws, which add a nice touch to the speaker's aesthetic appearance.

The Concept 300 with Tensegrity stand by Q Acoustics will be available in three finishes: Gloss Black/Rosewood, Gloss White/Oak, and Silver/Ebony. It will be available in the market starting in March 2019 for a hefty price of $4,499.


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