Galaxy A90 Rumored To Have Popup Camera And 'No-Notch' Display


The Galaxy A90 is rumored to be the first Samsung smartphone with a truly bezel-less screen and no notch, according to new reports.

It's no secret that the company has been experimenting alternatives to the notch design. Its most impressive implementation so far is called the Infinity-O display, which puts a tiny camera cutout on top of the screen instead of a notch, resulting in a cleaner, less disruptive overall look.

But no matter how clean and innovative the Infinity-O display looks, it appears it's still merely a stopgap solution to what Samsung ultimately wants to achieve: no notch or cutouts of any kind at all.

Galaxy A90

This speculation can be traced back to industry tipster Ice Universe, who on Twitter said that the upcoming Galaxy A90 would be "perfect." He later clarified that he was referring to the screen. Apparently, the Galaxy A90 will be Samsung's "first pop-up front camera phone," which essentially means the screen would have no notch or cutouts.

Pop-Up Cameras

Pop-up cameras aren't a novelty. In fact, Vivo and Oppo have both released phones with such a feature. However, the long-term stability of the pop-up components remains unproven. Samsung is welcome to experiment, of course. The South Korean electronics company is noted to release products of utmost quality, and it would be interesting to see how its pop-up will differ from existing implementations.

Other than Ice Universe's tweet, there's not much information on the Galaxy A90 at the moment apart from rumored colorways. Samsung has teased about an Infinity Display with minimal bezels and no cutout, though, and said that it might test experimental features on midrange phones first before eventually bringing them over to its premium flagships.

That lines up neatly with the fact that it released a triple-camera system on a midrange device a while back. Samsung is rumored to put three cameras on the Galaxy S10 next. Not to mention that the Infinity-O display appeared first on a midrange device as well.

Using the Galaxy A90 as a test bed for Samsung's pop-up camera experiments would make sense, but customers will have to wait and see whether the company actually has any such plans. For now, the only sure thing is that Samsung has found clever ways to avoid the notch, and it will surely keep working until it gets rid of it completely.

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