Just a few days ago, Samsung dropped a thinly veiled tease for its 2019 flagship, the Galaxy S10. But this latest leak shows that unveilings might not be all that necessary these days. It seems to be that everything in the tech world leaks, and there's not much companies can do about it.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that there's now this picture — allegedly the authentic versions of the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus out in the wild.

Galaxy S10 And S10 Plus Leak

There are a lot of details to glean from these latest — alleged — photos, most notably the "punch hole" design that varies depending on which phone one gets. For instance, the base Galaxy S10 appears to have a plain, circular cutout, while the larger Galaxy S10 Plus features a more elongated one.

That's perhaps because of an extra component not present on the standard Galaxy S10, but that's pure guesswork at the moment. Speculation suggests the larger model has a dual front-facing camera setup, but this can't be confirmed.

There's A Headphone Jack

The leaked photos comes from AllAboutSamsung, and they show both handsets from practically the most crucial angles, including the back, which reveals two colorways thus far — ceramic black and a white one — and from a bit farther down the chin, which reveals, much to the delight of analog audio fans out there, a headphone jack. Suppose these leaks are authentic, it appears Samsung is sticking to the good ol' port, unlike other manufacturers who have pulled an Apple and passed on in favor of the wireless life.

Goodbye Bezels

Apart from the punch hole design, the most notable thing these alleged photos show is that Samsung has somehow managed to slim down the bezels even further. The Galaxy S9's Infinity Display has extremely thin bezels already, but thanks to the Infinity-O Display, the company was able to squeeze it to an even more minimal profile.

There's a triple-camera setup on the back of both handsets, but whether or not the two models will have disparity in terms of lenses is something that's yet to be determined.

All rumors must, of course, be taken with a grain of salt, including AllAboutSamsung's alleged leaks, regardless of how convincing they look. That said, these things usually turn out to be true, an unfortunate symptom of an industry where things rarely are kept under wraps.

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