The wait might be over soon. Google is testing a Dark Mode option on Chrome for Android, as seen on version 73 of Chrome Beta.

9to5Google has discovered that a night theme on the app, just a few days after reports came out suggesting Dark Mode is headed to Chrome for macOS and Windows.

The Dark Mode option for the experimental Chrome browser appears to be still in its very early stages. Unlike on other apps, Dark Mode on Chrome, at least the current implementation, is very understated.

Dark Mode

In fact, the only thing that sets it apart from regular Chrome is the gray popup menu that appears when long-pressing a link or image. Also, it can only be toggled by setting the Dark Mode option tucked away under Android Pie's Developer Options to "Always On."

What's more, even those few gray panels still need a bit of extra work, as some of the text still shows up in black. Suffice it to say that the option is sloppily made, but that's understandable. The feature, after all, is still in beta. Improvements and refinements are most likely to come.

When Will It Come Out?

Though Google has rolled out Dark Mode for Chrome Beta, there's no guarantee if it'll ever show up on the mainstream version of Chrome for Android, or if it is coming, there's no telling how long until it arrives. 9to5Google suggests Google will add more elements soon, which means Dark Mode will permeate more parts of the browser, including menus, buttons and more.

Dark Mode has been one of the most requested features not just on Chrome but basically on every app. It's hard to argue against that request, really. Not only does it look arguably cooler, some studies have shown that darker colors on screens save more energy and are less straining on the eyes.

Chrome Beta version 73 also includes a number of new stuff, including a new download experience and manager. It is available as a free download from the Play Store. Note that since it's a beta version, there will likely be some bugs, flaws, and a number of other hiccups. But these are of course the typical drawbacks when it comes to using an early version of a software.

Thoughts about Dark Mode potentially coming to Chrome for Android? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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