Samsung Galaxy Fold. That's what the company's first-ever foldable smartphone is going to be called. This comes from reliable industry tipster Evan Blass, who started off 2019 by revealing every detail about the Galaxy S10 lineup, which should be announced any day now.

Beyond the name, not much is known about Samsung's foldable device at the moment. It was barely shown off at an event in November. Samsung simply wanted to demonstrate that it had a working device with a fully functional folding mechanism, although clearly, it wasn't ready to show off everything just yet.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

So, now, there's finally a name. Next up is a device that'll live up to it. As with any innovation, especially in technology, opinions will be mixed. New ideas always seem bizarre until they're suddenly commonplace. When manufacturers started making smartphones with really big displays years ago, audiences were divided. Some thought they're a gimmick, while others mostly groaned about the sheer dexterity required to use a big phone.

Fast forward to now, and big screens are the norm, with some handsets even pushing past the 6-inch territory. It's hard to say whether foldable phones are a gimmick or something truly innovative.

The clearest advantage of foldable displays is its ability to show much more information when unfolded. For that reason, it could reintroduce phablets in a more perfected presentation, this time not just about the size but also about the convenience of being able to hide it when needed.

Foldable Phones? Do We Need Them?

Does anyone need a folding phone? Is it absolutely necessary in this day and age? Will it ultimately make smartphones better? It's hard to say. Innovation has always been fueled by ideas, experimentation, and risks. While some concepts never quite made it past the gimmick stage — 3D is a fine example — some others, such as touchscreens, are now so ingrained in tech culture that it's hard to imagine a time without them.

One can go on and on about innovation, but it's money that talks at the end of the day. As long as there are people who'll buy foldable phones, it will be made. As such, Samsung has to hope that there's strong demand riding on the Galaxy Fold. The company is poised to share more details very soon. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

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