Someone Found A 30-Year-Old Apple Computer In An Attic, And It’s Still Working


Childhood memories came flooding down after a professor from New York City discovered a long-forgotten Apple computer in his parent's attic.

To his amazement, the ancient device — at least in the tech world — still turned on even after all this time.

Still Alive And Kicking

John Pfaff, a Fordham University law professor, found an old Apple IIe sitting in the attic of his parent's house for a good three decades now. After dusting off the computer, Pfaff decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, it worked and apparently still in good condition.

In a tweet, Pfaff said he went ahead and tried an old disk with a previously saved game, which the Apple IIe loaded effortlessly as well. The computer even asked him if he wanted to restore a saved game of Adventureland, a game released by Scott Adams in 1978.

However, the professor had a hard time remembering where he left off in the game, which is quite understandable. It's been 30 years since he last played the game anyway.

Pfaff also tweeted photos of other games he had — all in old floppy disks — which includes Olympic Decathlon, Neuromancer, and Millionware.

Aside from games in floppy disks, he also found other stuff stored in the old Apple computer, such as a typed letter from his late father and saved copies of his high school assignments.

The Apple IIe

The Apple IIe, released in 1983, was the third iteration of the Apple ll series. The computer went on sale for $1,395, according to Byte Magazine.

It was probably one of the most successful computers Apple released. The Apple IIe featured an improved keyboard that allowed a user to input both lower and uppercase letters, and it also had fully functioning keys for Shift and Caps Lock. Internals of IIe included a now-measly 64 KB RAM that's built in, though it's expandable up to 128 KB.

Apple discontinued the IIe in 1993.

Not to be confused with Mac, the Apple ll followed Apple I, the first computer released commercially by Apple Computer. The company later on released a number of variations for the Apple ll followed by the not-so-successful Apple lll and Lisa. The Mac, on the other hand, is the result of combining the best of Apple ll and Lisa.

Apple took the wraps off the Macintosh 128k - the first ever Mac - in January 1984. The new Mac ran on a more sophisticated system now known as the MacOS, which was one of the first OS to use a full graphical UI.

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