A woman died on Thursday after she was mauled by her own dogs. Authorities said Nancy Cherryl Burgess-Dismuke was wrestling with the animals outside her mobile home in South Carolina when her two dogs started to bite her arms.

Attacked By Two Boxer Mixes

The neighbors said they rushed to the 52-year-old woman's home when they heard the attack and found the two boxer mixes biting on both of the woman's arms and dragging her body back into the home.

They pulled her away from the dogs in an attempt to save her and called for paramedics. Burgess-Dismuke was also rushed to a nearby hospital but she eventually died after losing large amounts of blood from the dog bites.

Neighbors said Burgess-Dismuke would often play with her dogs outside and even place her arms in their mouths but this time, her supposedly playful interaction with her pets turned violents when the animals turned on her and became aggressive.

"It went from looking like they were really playing to them really eating her alive," related Amber Greer, who called 911 for help.

Denzel Whiteside, who helped free Burgess-Dismuke from the dogs by beating the animals with a blunt axe, described the gory scene.

"One arm was already bit completely off, the other arm was barely hanging on by a piece of meat," Whiteside said. "It was the longest 10 minutes of my life."

Dogs To Be Euthanized

The Greenville County Animal Control already took control of the dogs, which will be euthanized.

Whiteside and Greer said they did not trust Burgess-Dismuke's boxer mixes because they do not think they were well-trained. They would not even let their own small dog go out when the boxer mixes were outside.

According to the Center For Disease Control, nearly 1 in 5 dog bites needs medical attention.

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