Apple has been known to offer phones mostly at a premium price. Case in point: the iPhone XS Max, which can go as high as $1,450, depending on the specs.

For those who don't mind getting an older iOS device, though, earlier this month, refurbished iPhone X units went on sale on Apple's website, with discounts of up to $150. Now, the company is slashing prices off more refurbished, albeit older, units.

Refurbished iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

After selling refurbished units of the 64 GB iPhone X for $769 and the 256 GB iPhone X for $899 — that's $130 and $150 off, respectively — the Cupertino brand is now also giving price cuts for refurbished iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which are now also discounted on Apple's website:

• Refurbished 128 GB iPhone 7 in Black, unlocked, for $469 (from $549)

• Refurbished 32 GB iPhone 7 Plus in Gold, Black, and Jet Black, all unlocked, for $479 (from $569)

• Refurbished 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus in Rose Gold, Silver, Jet Black, Black, and Gold, all unlocked, for $569 (from $669)

• Refurbished 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus in Gold, Black, Silver, and Rose Gold, all unlocked, for $649 (from $869)

Same Old Brand-New Units

"Refurbished" simply means that a unit is already previously used, but that doesn't mean it's not of good quality just like the brand-new ones.

Refurbished phones undergo a series of inspections and tests. They're also cleaned and repackaged, in addition to adding fresh batteries and changing the outer shell to a new one. Simply put, all refurbished devices are quality checked in the most thorough way possible before hitting the shelves once again.

In Apple's case, the company even gives users one-year device warranty, which is also included when buying a new phone. Similar to fresh units, refurbished iPhones come complete with user manual and accessories, all packaged together in a new white box.

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