American companies are getting ready to make buck off of the great global warming tragedy. Apple, for instance, thinks the world will buy more iPhones as Earth inches closer to dystopia.

That's the key prediction in Apple's environmental impact report, at least.

The Cupertino brand filed the said report last year to the British nonprofit Carbon Disclosure Project, only recently uncovered by Bloomberg in a new report illustrating corporate America's far-reaching plans to make the ongoing global warming crisis profitable.

The Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project, or CDP, has collected tons of these impact reports, which include "risks and opportunities" posed by climate change, from a whopping 7,000 companies, 1,800 of them in the United States alone. These reports paint a picture of how President Donald Trump's environmental policies could ripple into all corners of the economy.

The key takeaway? The economy will be bad if climate change continues its pace or, which will most likely happen, gets even worse. Apple, however, saw the silver lining in all of this doom-talk.

How Apple Sees Climate Change

"As people begin to experience severe weather events with greater frequency, we expect an increasing need for confidence and preparedness in the arena of personal safety and the well-being of loved ones," the company stated in its report. iPhones, it said, will be useful because people will use it as a flashlight, siren, radio, or ask Siri for first-aid instructions.

Apple also stated that iPhones can be charged for many days via car batteries or even hand cranks. To be fair to Apple, an iPhone is indeed one of the useful things a person can have in their possession, especially during emergencies.

However, Apple isn't the only company that stands to benefit from looming climate change disasters. In its report, Home Depot predicts a rise in demand for air conditioners and ceiling fans. Google, too, stands to benefit from all this somehow thanks to Google Earth, its interactive mapping software.

"If customers value Google Earth Engine as a tool to examine the physical changes to the Earth's natural resources and climate, this could result in increased customer loyalty or brand value," the search company said in its report.

With everything above mentioned, one thing becomes very clear: no tragedy will stop companies from trying to make bank, not even climate change.

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