At this year's Mobile World Congress, manufacturers wasted no time showing off their new foldable phones, but one company is focusing on other things — power, to be exact.

Energizer has now unveiled the Power Max P18K Pop, perhaps the thickest smartphone ever made. It's thick for a good reason, though: this thing carries a whopping 18,000 mAh of juice, a battery capacity never before seen on any smartphone, flagship or not. For context, that's about 10 times as large as the entire cell powering the iPhone 7.

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

A battery like that obviously means some pretty insane endurance. Energizer says, as per TrustedReviews, that the Power Max P18K Pop can play videos non-stop for 200 hours and boasts a standby time of 50 days, and that's not a typo. With this much power, users can also double-purpose it as a power bank to charge their other gadgets such as headphones or tablets.

The wallop-packing massive device, despite its unseemly, bulky appearance, manages to cram in modern smartphone staples. It's got a nearly bezel-less display, for starters, and dual cameras hidden via a popup mechanism.

The specs sheet are on par with today's very best phones. There's Android 9 Pie baked in out of the box, and a MediaTek Helio P70 processor underneath powering up everything. There's 6 GB of RAM paired with 128 GB of storage, which is plenty enough for a modern-day flagship. On the back is a triple-camera system that consists of 12-, 5-, and 2-megapixel cameras.

Would You Buy This Phone?

There is certainly a market for phones with higher-than-average battery capacities, but it's much harder to find folks willing to buy something this thick. There's no exaggerating here — the Power Max P18K Pop has a thickness of 18 mm, and it's hard not to call it a brick.

Still, though, Energizer deserves an A for effort. Who knows? Maybe there are folks out there who don't mind the thickness if it means not having to recharge their phone every single day.

Energizer plans to roll out the Power Max P18K Pop later this year. Unfortunately, the company has yet to share an exact release date and pricing, but expect that huge battery pack, not to mention the popup cameras on the front and the rear triple-camera system, to push the asking price past premium.

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