A 77-year-old grandmother was rescued after she had been swept out to sea in an iceberg. She was posing for a photo on the throne-shaped iceberg when a wave took it.

Iceland Vacation

Last Feb. 26, Judith Streng of Texas was on vacation in Iceland when she spotted a throne-shaped iceberg washed up on Diamond Beach. They took several photos on the iceberg, and Streng even sat on the chair as though it was her throne. However, the iceberg began to totter and a wave came in and took the iceberg back to the sea, with Streng still sitting on it.

Fortunately, Randy Lacount, a boat captain from Florida, happened to be nearby when the iceberg got dislodged from the shore and took Streng with it.

According to Streng, she believed that it was secure because others had also taken photos on it, but perhaps it was easier for her to be taken with the iceberg because she does not weigh a lot.

‘Iceberg Queen’

Rod Streng, Judith’s son, was with her when the incident happened and managed to snap photos of her getting farther on the iceberg. He sent the photos to his daughter who tweeted screenshots of her father’s texts. One was before the iceberg got dislodged, and had the caption “iceberg queen.” Naturally, the photos were a hit on Twitter that it has so far been retweeted nearly 70,000 times.

Despite having a rather scary ordeal, Judith is actually joyful about the incident and is amused by the popularity that she gained because of it. She even jokes that she had always wanted to be a queen and that she got the chance on the iceberg throne. Judith is back to the United States and is recuperating from her trip.

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