Last week, JetBlue started a contest that will give winners a chance to fly "free" for a year. The "All You Can Jet" contest's grand prize amounts to $20,000 worth of flights, the airline said.

If it sounds too good to be true, maybe because it is.

A Year Of 'Free' Flights

An offer this good almost always comes with some caveat. So what's the catch?

To join the contest, JetBlue asks the entrants to delete all their Instagram posts. In place of all the previous photos, the airline wants people to upload a customized image — JetBlue provided an image customization tool in their website — in their empty Instagram feed along with #allyoucanjetsweepstakes. Aspiring contestants should also tag @JetBlue, and profiles should be set to public so the airline's marketing team can see the entries.

Mechanics can be found on JetBlue's dedicated page for the All You Can Jet contest.

Now for those who value traveling more than their precious mementos in the photo-sharing app, this won't be a hard one. However, it's worth mentioning that there are a few more things to consider when joining the contest.

A disclaimer says that while JetBlue will give "free" flights for a year, winners will still need to shoulder taxes and other fees that the flights will incur. Also, only three winners will be chosen for this contest, so there's that.

Contest will end on March 8, 11:59 PM EST.

Clean Slate

JetBlue didn't clarify, though, why it wants a clean Instagram feed for this contest, but for those interested but are emotionally attached to their Instagram photos, the airline said in the official contest rules that archiving is enough just as long as a contestant's Instagram feed is clear — containing only JetBlue's customized promotional image, of course — until March 8.

Winners will be announced next week, on or about March 11, via Instagram Direct messaging, JetBlue said.

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