You Can Now Ask Alexa To Play Apple Music From Amazon Fire TV


After allowing support for Amazon Echo devices back in December, Apple is now enabling Apple Music users to stream their music to the Amazon Fire TV through the Alexa voice assistant.

Apple Music subscribers simply need to link their accounts to Alexa and they are good to go. They must check the Alexa app in their iOS or Android device, and then activate the Apple Music skill. To do this, they should log in to their Apple accounts. For those who have already connected Alexa with Apple Music will not need to repeat the steps.

'Alexa, Play Music By Bruno Mars'

Using the voice commands of Alexa, consumers can play their favorite music through their Fire TV, similar to what they can do with the Amazon Echo. Late last year, Apple Music began streaming support for the Echo as well. In addition, owners of the Fire TV Cube can stream the music even in multi-room music set-ups.

For now, the integration of Apple Music into Amazon devices only works within the United States. However, reports said other countries such as the UK may follow suit as well, probably in the coming weeks.

Apple's Quest To Dominate Music Services

The integration of Apple Music to the Amazon Echo and Fire TV is in line with the company's push in streaming its content to third-party platforms. This new approach became evident at CES 2019 where Apple announced it would soon begin streaming iTunes to Samsung smart TVs.

Apple has been playing catch up with Spotify for some time now, and recent numbers show that the former is behind by more than 30 million monthly subscribers in the US alone. Other rivals in the music streaming industry include YouTube Music and Pandora.

Aside from the recent addition of Apple Music, the Fire TV already offers a variety of music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and iHeart Radio.

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