Viveport Infinity: HTC Launching Unlimited VR Service This April For $13 A Month


An unlimited, on-demand Netflix-style service but for virtual reality games? Why not? That's exactly what Viveport Infinity is all about — HTC Vive and Oculus Rift owners pay a set monthly fee to access heaps upon heaps of VR titles.

No matter which way one looks at it, the service is infinitely better than having to shell out cash for individual VR titles. A boon for players, mostly, but also for HTC and game developers, who, this way, can make VR content more accessible to all kinds of players, especially those who don't see themselves ever spending a fortune on VR titles.

Viveport Infinity

The VR subscription tier is officially launching on April 2. It costs $13 a month or $99 per year and will offer more than 600 apps and games for both Vive headsets and Oculus Rift. That access will also carry over to standalone headsets provided they're based on Vive's Wave platform. A subscription includes additional perks as well such as a revised Viveport video app, discounts of up to 10 percent per month, and occasional freebies.

Existing Viveport members, also including people who sign up before the service officially launches, will keep their pricing until the end of the year. Beyond players, HTC is attempting to lure developers as well. Creators who bring their titles over to Viveport Infinity will be entitled to an 80 percent cut of revenue from April through the end of the year.

Who Is This Service For?

Although HTC's service certainly looks promising and highly attractive, it surely isn't for everyone. A person willing to pay $13 a month of $99 a year for VR titles would have to be the sort who's always looking out for new and varied VR experiences, and there aren't many of that type of person at the moment.

There's also the matter of shovelware — not all VR apps can be as compelling Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR, much like for every Orange Is the New Black on Netflix, there's Insatiable. Even still, Viveport Infinity could make a great case for those still apprehensive about VR gaming.

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