Grocery chain Walmart has confirmed that it's developing a low-budget tablet aimed at kids and will release it under its in-house ONN brand.

A Walmart spokesperson confirmed the plans to Bloomberg. The report says the device would be manufactured by a Chinese supplier, run on Android, and be targeted primarily for children.

This, plus Walmart's reported plans to roll out its own on-demand streaming service, clearly indicates the company wants to branch out to other markets, not the least of which electronic and digital spaces. Last year, Walmart released a lineup of gaming PCs under a new "Overpowered" brand. One of those laptops received harsh reviews — critics largely were underwhelmed by its poor build quality, specs, and insufficient customer support.

Walmart Android Tablet

Meanwhile, Walmart's upcoming tablet has no pretensions about being a "Pro" device. Walmart is clearly saying it would not hold a candle to the iPad Pros of the world. Its main competitor would be Amazon, which makes low-cost tablets such as the Fire HD 8 — just $80 — and the Fire HD 10 — with a bit better specs for $150. Both these tablets have kid-friendly variants, as well.

What Version Of Android, Though?

What's interesting is that Amazon's tablets run Amazon Fire OS, which is just an offshoot of Android, so they don't get access the full range of Android apps available. The spokesperson didn't reveal whether Walmart's forthcoming tablet would run stock Android or a customized one, but if it's the former, that could lend it an advantage over Amazon's devices.

There's little, if any, information on pricing and availability at the moment. One device has gone through the Federal Communications Commission's certification process, though, so that means it might not be that far off. Apple currently dominates the tablet market, but if Walmart lands on a sweet pricing spot, then it stands to conquer the low-budget tablet market with Amazon.

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