The HP Reverb Is A Serious Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Competitor


HP has joined the virtual reality bandwagon with its new Reverb VR headset, and the specs prove the company isn't just cashing in on the current rise of VR with a gimmick. With 2,160 x 2,160 resolution optics, inside-out tracking, and a lightweight design, the HP Reverb is looking to be a formidable foe for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

HP Reverb

The device will come in two variants: One is a $599 consumer model and the other is a $649 enterprise Pro version, which comes with a 0.6-meter cable and a fabric face mask.

The resolution alone is enough to make the HP Reverb one of the most attractive options in the VR headset market, but there's plenty more to be impressed with here, including the 114-degree field of view. Paired with 2,160 x 2,160 resolution, it's clear gamers can expect a highly immersive VR experience.

What's not clear is HP offering two models, although The Verge speculates that's likely due to marketing. The device will work with Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality platform, which is geared less toward gaming and more focused on the business side of VR. That might explain why there's an "enterprise" variant — perhaps HP is trying to calibrate the messaging about Reverb's potential in both creative and business ventures.

HP Reverb Price And Release Date

In any case, the headset itself shows incredible promise. Early impressions say it's highly comfortable, which makes sense. HP says it designed the headset to be appear as invisible to the wearer as possible, which just adds to the overall immersion one can experience using it. The company confirms that the Reverb will support the passthrough feature in Windows Mixed Reality, meaning gamers can use external cameras on the headset to view the real word.

Both headset variants come with a pair of Bluetooth motion controllers, the same ones that ship with HP's current Mixed Reality headset. The HP Reverb supports both Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR. Both models are poised to go on sale in late April, HP says.

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