Exactly how committed is Petco to honoring its policy of welcoming all leashed pets to their stores? Two ranchers brought a big friend of theirs to find out.

Petco Policy

In Texas, ranchers Shelly Lumpkin and Vincent Browning took Oliver the African Watusi to a local Petco in Atascocita to see whether the pet food store chain would live up to its own policy regarding welcoming all pets on a leash.

Incredibly, they were not disappointed as Oliver was warmly welcomed to the store. According to Browning, they took a chance on Petco’s bluff and were not disappointed with how Oliver was treated. Further, he notes that the staff at the store are always friendly to them.

In a video, the docile Oliver can be seen calmly walking through the doors of the store, going in effortlessly despite his large horns. Through the photos, one can see how Oliver was welcomed warmly, with store staff petting him and keeping him company.

In response, Petco stated in a tweet that they meant it when they said that all leashed pets are welcome to their stores.

Oliver The African Watusi

Oliver the African Watusi has now proved Petco’s commitment to their policy, but he is actually already a sort of celebrity in his own right. In fact, he even has his own Facebook page that so far has over 43,000 followers.

African Watusi steers are some of the most striking members of the bovine family, as they do not look like typical cows. They are quite elegant looking, typically weighing from 1,000 to 1,600 pounds, with their horns with large base and great length as their most striking feature. In fact, their horns even have the largest circumference of any other cattle breed.

So far, the largest horns ever recorded in the breed is 37.5 inches, measured by the Guinness World Records in 2003.

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