Soon You Might Be Able To Add Public Events To Google Maps


Users might soon be able to host big events add them to Google Maps for other people to see. Android Police has discovered that Google is quietly giving some users the option to create public events.

Those who have it can go to the Contribute tab and create a party, a meet-up, or some other public gathering, and they can add a host of other details as well, including a description, categories, and web links.

Public Events On Google Maps

The feature is live as of this writing, but Android Police notes that it doesn't seem to be performing consistently and is marked by occasional hiccups. The feature is most likely still in development.

It's not clear what determines its availability, although the report predicts it could be a combination of Local Guide level and location. Google states in a help document that it "might not be available in some regions."

When it does work, however, users can easily submit events similar to the public events already being shown in Google Maps. Since the app has relied on crowdsourced information for quite some time, the feature makes plenty of sense. Many Local Guides have contributed a number of different things to it, including photos, reviews, and a whole lot of other information to give other users rich information about certain places. The ability to create public events seems perfectly in-line with that approach.

Release Date?

At first, the feature seemed it was still in its early stages. Some users successfully submitted public events, but others were met with an error message. But Android Police says the event creation has begun functioning correctly, at least as of writing. Even still, it's clear Google has still a lot to work with. But at its core, public events will be a great addition to the already multi-functional Maps app. Tech Times will report once this makes it to a stable Google Maps update, so stay tuned.

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