When the PlayStation Network went down alongside Xbox Live last week, it affected millions of gamers. Those who had just gotten new consoles for Christmas were left without access to most of the hardware's functions - while the consoles still worked, anything requiring the Internet was a no-go. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything users could do; waiting was the only option.

That's not to say that people didn't try. One young man from Florida actually decided to call into his local 911 station and ask if they knew anything about the PlayStation Network outage. Yes, that's right: someone called 911 about a PlayStation. Here's the news report from WPTV:

As children, we are taught that 911 is for emergencies only, like fires, floods, power outages and '80s slasher movie villains. What possessed this young boy to call 911 about a video game console is a mystery. The local police even had to send out a tweet about the ordeal (via Kotaku):

It's not as if 911 is even known for technical support...plus, wouldn't his parents have been around to tell him not to call 911? It's one of those stories that just irritates you more and more as you try to sort it out.

Anyways, the PlayStation Network is back online, and somewhere, that little kid is finally using his brand new console...if he managed to sign-in on his own, that is.

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