Not much is known about the Samsung Galaxy Fold at the moment as Samsung has been pretty iffy about letting anyone try it out in real life. Except for when it was briefly showcased earlier this year, the company has kept its forthcoming flagship device largely hidden from public view.

That is until recently, when an unofficial video surfaced online that showed the Galaxy Fold along with what could be one of its biggest issues: creasing. In the video, the device bears a very noticeable crease running down the middle of the screen, implying that repeated folds overtime could cause the unsightly effect.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Test

Now, Samsung wants to course-correct such creasing allegations. In a just-released video, several Galaxy Fold units undergo Samsung's robot-aided stress testing machines to show their folding capabilities.

Not only is it a fascinating look at what goes on before the device eventually hits shelves, it's also a somewhat convincing attempt to clear up creasing issues before Samsung lets it loose in the mainstream market, where it'll undoubtedly go through more independently administered stress tests.

It's also probably the clearest glimpse thus far of what the Galaxy Fold looks like when it's bending — and there's nary a crease in sight, unlike what was shown in the leaked video. The screens are also quick to switch from phone to tablet mode, and there doesn't seem to be that big of a gap when it's folded. Even still, one must take note that this video was produced by Samsung itself and unsurprisingly looks extremely polished and blemish-free as a result. It remains to be determined whether or not the phone would have creasing problems.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price And Release Date

In any case, Samsung says the Galaxy Fold will be able to outlast 200,000 folds and unfolds, which it estimates to be roughly five years of use, assuming it's folded 100 times a day.

The Galaxy Fold comes out April 26 for a whopping $1,980.

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