Magic Leap Headset Will Be Available From AT&T Beginning April 1


AT&T will sell the Magic Leap One augmented reality headset on April 1 in stores and online, though it's been available since August 2018.

Yes, It's the same $2,295 headset made available last year, only this time AT&T will let people try it out in its physical stores. Here's the catch: this live demo will only be available in three of AT&T's flagship stores. The headset will hit Boston first on April 1, followed by Chicago on April 3, then finally San Francisco on April 6.

"When you stop by an AT&T store you'll be able to engage in an immersive experience like never before," says AT&T. "The Magic Leap One technology brings elements of HBO's iconic Game of Thrones universe into the real world, allowing you to interact with the content in a completely new way."

Magic Leap And AT&T Partnership

This is only one part of AT&T partnership with Magic Leap. The network, in addition to investing in the augmented reality directly, said last year that it would produce a DirecTV Now app for the headset, which will let users watch up to four livestreams at once — in augmented reality, no less.

The company has also said that it will eventually provide mobile data services for Magic Leap One, and that it wants the Magic Leap Two to be compatible with its forthcoming 5G network, as the current Creator Edition only supports Wi-Fi.

"The Magic Leap team and I are excited to take this next step in our exclusive partnership, tapping into AT&T's vast retail distribution and the Magicverse innovations that will be powered by their game changing 5G network," says Rony Abovitz, Magic Leap CEO.

Ready For Mainstream?

Magic Leap had a rough beginning, but the company has significantly expanded the headset's app catalog with titles such as NBA basketball and Star Wars. Even still, it's hard to gauge whether this device has accrued enough mass-market appeal to be successful. Time, however, will tell.

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