Twitter Is Getting An Even Darker Dark Mode Called ‘Lights Out’


Dark Mode has become one of the most requested features in apps these days, and lucky for users, most developers have granted those wishes. A handful of Google Apps, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and a ton more all offer the slick aesthetic option.

In some apps, though, Dark Mode isn't really, well — dark. It's blue-ish, or, in the case of YouTube, gray. After a number of complaints, it appears Twitter has listened and will now deliver a true, battery-saving Dark Mode for all.

Twitter Lights Out Mode

The company has just tweeted announcing that its dark mode will now have a proper black background, and it's calling it "lights out." The option is now rolling out, but only for iOS users. No word if or when Android users will get it.

Why Everyone Is So Crazy For Dark Mode

As previously mentioned, Dark Mode is now one of the most sought-after options in apps. It looks pretty cool, first and foremost. Not only that, it also prevents apps from being too bright. When users turn their phone on in the middle of the night to check a notification, they don't want to be blasted with a blinding stream of light. Twitter says as much, arguing that a proper black background helps reduce eye strain in low-lit environments.

Plus, a lot of newly released phones have OLED displays now, and research says using mostly black backgrounds can help significantly extend battery life. That's because the way OLED panels work is that individual pixels are turned off when displaying black, unlike LCDs. Plus, it only lights up pixels that aren't black. These can potentially help save a lot of power.

Again, Twitter didn't say if the lights out option is also coming to Android later, but make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

Now, if only YouTube and other apps without "true black" backgrounds could follow suit.

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