Spotify Is Testing Two-Person Subscriptions Called 'Premium Duo'


Spotify is testing a new subscription tier called Premium Duo in which two people may listen to two separate streams at the same time for a single discounted fee of €12.49 per month.

At the moment, Spotify only has two plans available, excluding student discounts: a regular, single-user tier, and one for the entire family. This new plan in question marks the first time Spotify has experimented with letting two different users stream music separately for a single fee.

Reddit user Hasztagg first spotted the tier, and Spotify has since confirmed its existence to The Verge. It also comes with a playlist called Duo Mix, a collection of tracks generated based on listening habits of both participants. Those who'd much rather create playlists will be able to, as the plan also includes a Shared Playlists feature that allows both users to share tracks with each other easily.

Spotify Premium Duo

Spotify subscriptions usually cost $9.99 per user, and only a single person can stream music at a time. As such, Premium Duo introduces a much more affordable way for two people to listen to music. This way, roommates, siblings, or partners can split the fee.

There's a notable caveat, however. As with the Family subscription tier, the participants must be living in the same address. Fortunately, Spotify will now ask users to provide this address as part of the Duo sign-up process. The Family tier allows up to six people to share the same plan for $14.99 a month. But The Verge notes that there have been complaints about Spotify pestering family users through email to confirm their home addresses, likely in an attempt to identify which users are paying for the plan despite not living under the same roof.

Wide Rollout?

Premium Duo is currently being tested in five countries, including Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland. It's not clear if Spotify plans to roll it out to more countries, including the United States.

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