Apple has confirmed that the AirPower has been canceled.

This comes after numerous reports that the wireless charging mat would be launching soon, one of which claimed a spring release date.

AirPower Canceled

Apple's hardware head Dan Riccio broke the news (via TechCrunch) in an email statement, apologizing to customers who have been looking forward to the product.

"After much effort, we've concluded AirPower will not achieve our high standards and we have cancelled the project," the executive wrote.

He continued to say that the company sees wireless technology as the future, meaning that there will be more devices in the same vein down the line.

Potential Setbacks

The year 2018 was littered with rumors about the AirPower, be it a launch date or reasons for one delay after another. One issue that particularly plagued the charging mat is overheating, which probably became a bane of Apple engineers at some point.

The word in town is that the problem stems from the AirPower's three layers of coil that are just too close together.

According to The Wall Street Journal, who cites a "person familiar with the situation," one of the reasons Apple had to cancel the project was because of overheating issues, which corroborates the aforementioned rumors.

The source also mentions that the cancelation was "abrupt" because it couldn't "reliably charge every device, particularly the Apple Watch" and the cost to produce it was too expensive.

The AirPower was unveiled back in September 2017, debuting alongside the iPhone X. The company hasn't made any more announcements since then until today, and now that it did, it's saying it has canceled the product.

From what can be gathered, the product is far from ready to be launched, and the Cupertino brand just revealed it too soon.

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