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RIP, AirPower: Apple Cancels Its Wireless Charging Mat Because It Can't 'Achieve Its High Standards'

It's official: Apple has canceled the AirPower. Despite the many references to the wireless charging mat across the company's products, it's never going to see the light of day.

Apple March 29, 2019

Delayed Apple AirPower Charging Mat Reportedly Coming This Spring

Apple might finally release its AirPower charging mat this spring. It will come with exclusive features as well, rumors say, along with a brand-new AirPods wireless charging case.

Apple February 12, 2019

Remember Apple's AirPower Charging Pad? It Could Finally Launch Soon

Apple could be nearly ready to launch its AirPower. Rumors say that at least one supplier of the wireless charging mat has begun production and that the company will release it soon.

Apple January 13, 2019

Samsung To Unveil Wireless Charger Than Can Juice Up Two Devices At A Time

Samsung’s new wireless charger has just leaked ahead of the Unpacked event on Aug. 9. It’s called the Wireless Charger Duo, and it can power two devices at the same time.

Gadgets July 24, 2018

Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Pad Reportedly Launching In March: What We Know So Far

Apple is allegedly going to release its AirPower wireless charging pad in March, according to a new report. The reported price, however, might shock you.

Apple February 24, 2018

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