Delayed Apple AirPower Charging Mat Reportedly Coming This Spring


Apple hasn't shared even as little as a peep about its AirPower charging pad since unveiling it back in 2017.

Last year, there were rumors that the Cupertino brand had run into some issues on the engineering side that delayed the release of the charging pad, although such reports were based on speculation and hearsay.

Apple AirPower Problems

The product overheated the devices it was supposed to charge, according to the rumors. It also apparently suffered from flawed inter-device communication, not to mention charging activation issues, charging speeds, and the overall accuracy of charge levels. Finally, the rumors claimed that charging multiple devices at the same time was extremely difficult to pull off because of the interference that would arise.

AirPower Coming Soon?

However, new rumors now suggest the power mat is finally coming this spring. MySmartPrice claims in a new report that Apple has been able to solve these problems and is ready to roll out the AirPower to customers. However, it's apparently a different product than the one Apple showed off in 2017.

The charging pad will be slightly thicker than originally expected, the report claims, in part because of its charging coil configuration, which supports multiple devices at once, including the iPhone, the Apple Watch, and the AirPods.

Exclusive Features And New AirPods Case

The report adds that Apple is going to add a few exclusive features, but these were unspecified. Also, Apple is apparently releasing a new AirPods wireless charging case that can siphon power from the base.

A report published this past January claimed that the AirPower was finally entering production following months of technical difficulties. The newer report from MySmartPrice notes that commercials for the AirPower are reportedly being filmed. The device is expected to cost $150 once released.

As with all rumors, take this one with a grain of salt. Apple has shared zero further information about the AirPower since showing it off in 2017, so it's difficult to gauge whether these new reports hold any merit. Even still, it is odd that almost two years will pass by and the product hasn't come out yet. That's unusual in the consumer tech field, but even more unusual for Apple, since it typically releases products shortly after unveiling them.

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