Google's cloud gaming platform stole the show at the recently concluded Game Developers Conference, and for good reason: if it works as well as Google says it does, Stadia may just single-handedly change the gaming industry for good.

However, Sony and Microsoft clearly has no plans to let Google, a newcomer in the gaming world, dominate a space they've thrived in for decades. Spurred by Stadia's announced 10.7 teraflops of performance — twice as powerful than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X — both powerhouse gaming companies now hint at how powerful the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett could be.

PlayStation 5 And New Xbox One To Beat Google Stadia

According to a new report, from noted video games journalist Jason Schreier, Sony and Microsoft are allegedly aiming at higher than 10.7 teraflops for their respective upcoming consoles. That is also exactly the reason why they're not coming out until 2020, which is something numerous reports have suggested, as well.

Schreier adds that at the moment, both companies are trying to keep development at the down-low as much as possible, with only a few people being informed on the next-generation consoles.

As with any rumor, Schreier's "scoop" must be taken with a grain of salt. Even if he's correct, things are always subject to change, especially during development — ideas get scrapped, new ones are introduced, and, in worst case scenarios, the console can end up being canceled altogether.


Even still, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Sony and Microsoft are aiming to outpace Stadia in terms of performance. The question is how this would impact their costs? The Xbox One X is already a pretty expensive device in its current form, what more a device with twice or even thrice the power?

Unfortunately, everything at this point is mere speculation. However, it will be interesting to see Microsoft, Sony, and Google spar as they each influence the direction of the video game industry.

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