AirPods 2 iFixit Teardown Reveals They’re Impossible To Repair


Bad news for those who have somehow broken their new AirPods 2: they can't be repaired. iFixit just did a teardown of Apple's new wireless headphones and declared it "disappointingly disposable." In other words, it's a goner if it breaks.

As with the first-generation AirPods, iFixit pried open the just-released pair along with its wireless charging case, which has the same 398 mAh battery capacity but a new "water-repellent" coating on the circuit board. iFixit notes that the updated charging dock seems designed for increased durability, but not repairability.

AirPods 2 Teardown

The AirPods itself earned a "zero" rating for repairability, strikingly low even for Apple products. By contrast, the website gave Samsung's Galaxy Buds a six out of 10. iFixit says the headphones remain impossible to repair and that Apple didn't design the AirPods to be serviced, as it's impossible to access any internal hardware component without deliberately damaging the device. As such, there is no practical way to get them repaired, even if one goes to a professional repair service.

This isn't surprising, as many of these details were already known since iFixit tore down the first-generation pair of AirPods in 2016. Still, this year's teardown gives an interesting look at the internal differences between the two. Make sure to check out iFixit's website to see a detailed comparison.

AirPods 2 Specs

The AirPods 2 is available now. It's not much different from its predecessor, only now customers can have the option of getting the new wireless charging-capable case. Apple also put on a new H1 chip that apparently provides faster performance, lower latency, and improved battery efficiency. The chip also allows for a much more intuitive Siri experience. Before, users had to tap the headphones to invoke the assistant. Now they just have to say "Hey Siri" to make commands.

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