The Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup has just been unveiled recently, and already there's a rumor floating around that it's getting some significant updates.

"Significant updates" here refer to a Pixel 3-like feature dubbed "super night mode" and support for 25W fast charging.

These claims come from the notable industry insider Ice Universe, who has been a reliable go-to source for all things Samsung.

Super Night Mode

Low-light photography isn't new in the smartphone scene, but it was arguably the Pixel 3 and its Night Sight feature that took things to the next level.

As Google puts it, it uses machine learning to balance colors, and coupled with artificial intelligence, it makes photos brighter and clearer. To sum up how revolutionary it is, it's the low-light tech that actually works as well as advertised.

Now Samsung could be working on something similar to Night Sight called Super Night Mode, but regarding whether it can hold a candle to the Pixel 3 feature is still up in the air, not to mention that it isn't even official just yet.

It's also worth mentioning that the South Korean brand already has competed with Google on this front with Bright Night, but it couldn't deliver on par in terms of performance.

Fast 25W Charging

The Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e all support Quick Charge 2.0 that provides a charging speed of 15W. According to the rumor, Samsung could bump it up to 25W, which the Galaxy S10 5G already boasts.

From the look of things, the other models in the series have the right hardware to support it, and via an over-the-air update, the company is enabling it across the board, or in other words, it's just flipping the switch.

As always, this should be taken with a grain of salt since it's only a rumor, after all. Considering Ice Universe's track record, though, there's a good chance this could turn out to be true.

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