Google has stashed away a secret Flappy Bird-like game in its app for people looking to pass some time while their internet connection is down.

The hidden gem of a video game can be found on the Google app or widget. Users who open the app offline will get to see a simple notification inviting them to tap the play button. Once they do, they will be treated to a very colorful and entertaining game.

Google's Easter Egg Game

As the game starts, players will be given control of an anthropomorphic cloud holding a yellow umbrella. The main goal is to help the cute protagonist weather (no pun intended) several challenges coming their way.

Much like in Flappy Bird, users have to tap on their smartphone's screen to make the hero cloud dodge all incoming enemies, including several angry birds and evil clouds filled with thunder.

While the protagonist can take a few direct hits from these charlatans, the cloud still has its limits. The sky around it will eventually become crowded with various objects, making it more difficult to evade each one.

The new Google game, which has yet to have an official title, has been dubbed Floaty Cloud by tech website Android Police. Users can find the game on the Google app v9.46.6.21 and newer version.

It can also be found through the latest beta v9.51.7 of the app from APK Mirror.

Other Fun Add-ons To The Google App

Google has been on a roll in releasing fun and unique concepts for its apps. Aside from the cloud version of the popular Flappy Bird game, the tech company also came out with adorable animations for the Google Go featuring an elephant.

If users let the app remain stationary for a few seconds, it will trigger different animations for the lovable pachyderm. There is one that shows the elephant shyly peeking from behind the Discover Feed box and waving at users and another where the animal throws some confetti in a form of celebration.

There is also an animation where the character appears with a red balloon in hand, only to let go of its toy when it tries to reach the Discover Feed box. He later comes back at the top of the screen right before he jumps off and uses another balloon to slowly break his fall.

Google also seemed to have tested out animations for the search widget on the Google app launcher. Several people reported seeing small effects on the bar similar to the daily Doodle found on the app.

When users unlock their phone's screen, it triggers a few seconds of animation featuring some flowers right next to Google's logo. It is still unknown whether the effects will become a regular part of the app moving forward just like the daily Doodle.

Google has added Doodle to the Discover Feed as well, with daily images appearing at the top portion of the screen.

However, not all of the tech company's attempts at revamping its Google app has been well-received by users.

In 2017, some people complained about not being able to dismiss items from the Feed after updating their app. These items could be taken care of before by simply swiping them, but the technique did not seem to work anymore.

Users had to dismiss the cards manually by accessing the options and selecting "Done with this card."

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