A new startup is aiming to bring a birth control drug that can be used by both men and women. The drug that can supposedly prevent pregnancies like a “one-two” punch also comes without hormone-related side effects.

Birth Control For Men And Women

Initially, the scientists behind Your Choice Therapeutics were simply looking into creating a new contraceptive for women without the negative side effects typically experienced with current birth control pills. However, they soon realized that the drug they have been developing can be used by men, too.

Like a “one-two punch,” the drug would prevent pregnancies from different fronts. Primarily, it targets the tails of the sperm so that it cannot swim. And even if there are still some that manage to reach an egg, the drug also compromises the sperm’s ability to drill into the egg to fertilize it.

No Hormone-Related Side Effects

Compared to some of the male birth control methods being studied today, it does not focus on reducing sperm count to prevent pregnancies. Furthermore, the drug does not contain hormones so it will not result in typical hormone-related side effects such as mood swings, weight gain, and migraines in women, and erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive in men.

That said, it may take about 20 more years before the drug will be available in the market, as it has to pass through clinical studies, clinical trials, and FDA approval.

Male Birth Control

Birth control is largely focused on women, but in recent years, there have been more efforts to create birth control drugs for men as well. For instance, last December scientists began testing a hormone-based gel that is rubbed on men’s shoulders to reduce sperm count, and a pill that has a similar effect is also currently being studied.

However, since both of them are hormone-based, both of them also yield side effects such as erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive.

As such, Your Choice Therapeutics’ drug is rather unique, and the team is hoping to be able to put out the drug in the next 20 years.

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