Volkswagen of America Inc. is recalling nearly 38,000 vehicles over fire risk.

Volkswagen U.S., a subsidiary of Germany-based Volkswagen AG, has issued a voluntary safety recall for 37,970 vehicles because a fuel leak in the engine could cause fire.

The cars that have been recalled include the Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Volkswagen Beetle.

"Volkswagen considers the safety and satisfaction of its consumers and passengers a top priority. As such, Volkswagen of America today notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it will be issuing a voluntary safety recall affecting the fuel rail on certain 2015 Golf and Golf GTI models and certain 2014 and 2015 model year Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Jetta, and Passat vehicles equipped with the 1.8T and 2.0T four-cylinder engines," revealed the company.

Volkswagen has let on that a sealing cap in the fuel rail may be unable to seal, which in turn allows the fuel to seep into the vehicle's engine compartment. In the event the leaking fuel is near an ignition source, this could lead to a fire.

No injuries or accidents pertaining to the fuel leak have been reported so far.

The company said that it will be notifying owners of the above-mentioned vehicles. If required, Volkswagen will also replace the fuel rail. Owners will not have to bear the replacement costs since the costs will be borne by the company, but no schedule for the repair has been given so far.

The car maker also stated that it will be advising owners of affected vehicles to ask for an appointment with an authorized dealer for further inquiry.

The NHTSA has alerted drivers that they may smell fuel inside their cars. Volkswagen has asked owners who smell fuel or see the power control warning light switch on to take their car immediately to the authorized dealer and have the fuel rail system inspected.

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