Free-To-Play 'Forza Street' Now Available On PC, With Android And iOS Versions Coming Later


Microsoft has released Forza Street, a new free-to-play racing title for Windows 10.

It's also coming to Android and iOS later in the year, making it the first in the series to become available in platforms other than the Xbox or PC.

Forza Street Goes Live

Made for "racing on the go," Forza Street boasts streamlined controls and puts an emphasis on "timing of gas, brake, and boost" to win races, which is just the thing for mobile players.

It was known previously as Miami Street, a racer that was geared toward tablets and the like rather than high-end computers (via Windows Central). At that, the game takes place on the streets of Miami.

In a blog post, Microsoft-owned Turn 10 Studios explains that users can play a story campaign or quick races, a contrast to the long races in Forza Horizon 4. On top of that, they can collect legendary cars by winning races and earn performance icons that'll make a trophy case out of their garages.

Forza Street Leaks

Forza Street was the subject of leaks back in March. From what can be gathered back then, it was a racer designed for the mobile, signaling the series' expansion beyond the PC and Xbox.

In short, this is just the rumors turning out to be true.

Now as mentioned earlier, Forza Street for the PC is now available to download for free from the Windows Store, while the Android and iOS versions should come soon enough.

Don't forget to hit up the video below and see what's up.

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