Google, Huawei Will Pay You Up To $400 If You Own A Faulty Nexus 6P


Google and Huawei agree to pay Nexus 6P owners who have experienced issues on their devices. Those who have encountered unexpected shutdowns or have gotten stuck in bootloops are eligible to get up to $400 from the two tech companies.

Reading The Fine Print

The court has yet to approve the settlement, which is scheduled on May 9. Assuming it does, customers in the United States who purchased a Nexus 6P on Sept. 25, 2015, or later can make a claim for restitution.

Claimants will have to submit proper documentations, and the amount they'll get from Google and Huawei will depend on how much proof they can provide.

Breaking down the reimbursement payments, users stand to get $400 if they prove they've experienced both random shutdowns and bootloops, $325 for only bootloops, or $150 for only shutdowns.

As for those who can't offer documentation of having gone through these problems, they can still get $75. Meanwhile, Nexus 6P owners who have exchanged their smartphones for a Pixel XL are eligible for only $10, which is the same amount for those who haven't ran into the aforementioned issues can get from the settlement.

Nexus 6P Class Action Lawsuit

As reported by The Verge, Google and Huawei are being sued by Nexus 6P users who have had their devices get stuck in a bootloop and shut down unexpectedly, even though they have been charged sufficiently. Now the two have agreed to compensate those who have been affected by the issue as settlement.

According to the lawsuit, the tech companies violated the device warranty for not fixing said problems despite being aware of them. The claim also says that they continued selling the smartphone, even though it did not acknowledge the issues. For the record, Google had third parties manufacture Nexus devices, one of which is Huawei.

The class action lawsuit was filed back in April 2017, and once the courts approve it, the companies will have to pay a $9.75 million settlement. Aside from covering the legal fees, some of it — up to $400 for each individual — is expected to be distributed among affected Nexus 6P owners who participate in the matter, as mentioned earlier.

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