Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets Dedicated Night Mode That Lets Users Activate The Bright Night Feature Manually


Samsung has rolled out an update to the Galaxy S10 that adds a dedicated night mode to the mix.

A rumor has said before that the feature would make its way to the new flagships sometime in April or May, and as it turns out, it hit the mark.

Galaxy S10 Night Mode

The new Samsung smartphones already have a low-light photography feature for its Camera app. It's called Bright Night, but users couldn't activate it at will. Instead, they had to wait for the algorithm to kick in before it would start working. Now they can turn it on manually thanks to the new update.

At that, it seems to be a spin-off from Bright Night, meaning the functionality and experience it delivers is the same. In other words, it's just Bright Night that can be fired up whenever users want to. That's not to say it isn't a big deal, though. Previously, the feature usually activated only in extremely dark conditions, after all.

As reported by SamMobile, it's part of the security patch for April 2019, and at the time of this writing, the update is available only in Switzerland. It's expected to go live in other regions in a couple of days' time.

Many believe that a dedicated night mode should've been a standard feature since launch, but at any rate, it's good to see that it's finally arriving.

Super Night Mode

In other related news, a report back in March said that Samsung is going to launch a Super Night Mode for the Galaxy S10 lineup in the foreseeable future. As its name suggests, it's a souped-up low-light photography mode that could take on the likes of Google's artificial intelligence-powered Night Sight.

The phone's cameras are impressive, so much so that NBC used it to shoot a whole episode of a Tonight Show. Despite that, Bright Night couldn't quite compete with the Pixel feature, but it seems the South Korean brand is looking to change that. It's also speculated to be available in the next-generation Galaxy Note model, which is presumably the Galaxy Note 10.

The report also mentioned that Samsung will bring 25W fast-charging support to the Galaxy S10.

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