Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumor Roundup: Buttonless Design, 5G Model, And 4-Camera Setup


Samsung has already unveiled the Galaxy S10 lineup and the Galaxy Fold, its flagships so far in 2019. There's still one more left in the pipeline for this year: the next-generation Galaxy Note, which is presumably the Galaxy Note 10, if history is anything to go by.

For the uninitiated, the Galaxy Note is normally equipped with the best the company has to offer, including a built-in stylus called the S Pen, a huge screen to work with, and high-end specs. It's typically the most expensive smartphone among Samsung's selection, but in terms of pricing, the case could be different this time around because of its $1,980 foldable phone, though.

The South Korean brand usually launches the Galaxy S line during the early part of a year and follows it up with the release of the Galaxy Note series later on. Now the Galaxy Note 10 isn't exactly official just yet, but as expected, it's already the subject of a ton of rumors.

Galaxy Note 10 Won't Have Buttons

Back in March, a report from South Korea-based website said that the device won't come with any physical buttons at all. Instead, it's going to have capacitive keys on the sides, and it's said to use Force Touch technology of the Chinese company NDT. Thanks to that, it should be capable of recognizing various commands depending on how hard a user squeezes its sides, such as turning up the volume or powering up the phone.

The functionality is likely to be similar to the HTC U11's Edge Sense feature. Also, the resulting design could be reminiscent of the Meizu Zero.

This isn't a stretch to believe either, considering that the Galaxy Note 10 will likely boast an under-display fingerprint reader, just like the Galaxy S10.

Aside from the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung is reportedly going to go with the "keyless" look for its Galaxy A series as well.

Galaxy Note 10 Will Come In 4 Models

According to a report, the smartphone will come in two sizes: a 6.28 incher and a 6.75 incher. A leak also claims that the latter will be tagged with a "Pro" branding, as opposed to the "Plus" label Samsung tends to use on its larger-screen variants. On top of those, it's said to have LTE and 5G versions as well, making for four potential Galaxy Note 10 models down the line.

This isn't surprising to see. The Galaxy S10 rolled out in four versions, after all, from the standard Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10E to the Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 5G.

Galaxy Note 10 Could Have 4 Rear Cameras

Samsung-dedicated website SamMobile says the smartphone could sport four cameras on the back. Just like the other rumors, this isn't far-fetched since the Galaxy S10 5G does have four cameras too, not to mention that the Galaxy Note 10 would have more space to accommodate a quad-camera setup.

This goes without saying, but it's recommended to take all these rumors with a grain of salt. None of them are official until Samsung says anything.

Of course, there's no concrete release date either, but based on past unveiling dates, the smartphone maker could take the wraps off the Galaxy Note 10 sometime in August.

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