Tesla Model S Emits Smoke Then Explodes In Shanghai


A Tesla Model S allegedly burst into flames while sitting absolutely still at a parking lot somewhere in Shanghai, China.

The evidence, which was posted by a Twitter user online in the form of a short video, shows the details. The user who posted the video wrote an accompanying caption to explain what was exactly happening to the parked car.

It is said that it simply caught fire while it was parked, without anyone doing anything to it whatsoever. The video showed that smoke first had started to come out from underneath the car before the flames finally appeared.

What Started The Tesla Model S Fire?

"Good or bad, negative or positive I will post anything about Tesla or EVs in China," wrote Twitter user Jay in Shanghai.

He then specified that the car model in the video is the Tesla Model S. In a follow-up post, he also showed the aftermath of the fire. The vehicles that were parked right next to the burned Tesla vehicle also suffered from the flames.

As of this writing, the aforementioned videos have already been deleted from the Twitter user's profile.

Tesla responded to the incident by posting on the company's official Weibo account. They stated that they tried to tackle the issue as fast as they could.

"After learning about the incident in Shanghai, we immediately sent the team to the scene last night," said the company on Weibo.

They were quick to emphasize that nobody got hurt during the incident.

"We are actively contacting relevant departments and supporting the verification," the company added.

Car Fires And Other Issues

As a prominent brand in the EV industry, Tesla has been involved in a number of similar high-profile incidents in the past. That is to say, the company and its products are no stranger to making the news, whether it's in the United States or otherwise.

Earlier this year, a group of hackers showed how it was possible to hack a working Tesla Model 3 vehicle and got some nice rewards for their trouble. As highly advanced, computer-equipped automobiles, Tesla's products are open to attacks that target modern computers.

Statistics show that cars of any kind are indeed susceptible to such things during normal operation. At the moment, it's unclear how exactly Tesla's vehicle caught fire while it was only parked. Whether or not this dissuades people from buying Tesla cars now or in the future, only time will tell.

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