As the economy soared, the stress levels of Americans also skyrocketed.

The annual Gallup survey revealed that Americans are among the most stressed people in the world in 2018, along with Greeks, Filipinos, and Tanzanians.

Researchers surveyed and interviewed 150,000 people from more than 140 countries about their mental well-being. At least a third of them admitted they suffered stress, while at least one in five said they felt sad or angry.

The 2019 Gallup Global Emotions Report reveals a lot about the mental health of citizens in each country worldwide, considering socioeconomic, environmental, and political conditions.

In the survey, participants were asked questions about whether they felt like they were being treated with respect, whether they smiled or laughed prior to the interview, or whether they felt angry and sad. This helped researchers gain insight into participants' daily experiences.

Why Americans Are Among Most Stressed People In The World

About 55 percent of Americans admitted they suffered stress, while 45 percent said they tend to worry a lot. Another 22 percent of Americans said they were angry, which matched the previous high.

The Gallup survey found that Americans between 15 to 49 years old were the most worried, stressed, or angry. Socioeconomic conditions also played a role. Americans in the poorest 20 percent of the population also suffered from stress and felt angry.

There might be a number of factors that contribute to the stress and worrywart levels of Americans, which include staggering student debt loans, absurd costs of health care, stagnating incomes, as well as gender and racial inequalities.

Researchers said the negative outcomes in the survey in the previous years have been linked to the U.S. recession years.

"Given the ties that researchers are starting to find between negative effects like these and physical health and longevity, leaders need the whole story," the survey said.

Despite the negative outcomes, however, about 90 percent of Americans interviewed still felt they were respected and 82 percent said they experienced enjoyment.

Top 10 Most Stressed Countries In The World

The Gallup survey revealed the top 10 most stressed people in the world:

1. Greece at 59 percent

2. Philippines at 58 percent

3. Tanzania at 57 percent

4. Albania at 55 percent

5. Iran at 55 percent

6. Sri Lanka at 55 percent

7. United States of America at 55 percent

8. Uganda at 53 percent

9. Costa Rica at 52 percent

10. Rwanda at 52 percent

Depression And Mental Illness

Data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness revealed that at least one in five American adults or 43.8 million suffer from mental illness in any given year.

Meanwhile, a report called the State of Mental Health in America said that 9.6 million Americans admitted they experienced suicidal thoughts. What's more, there is a significant shortage of support providers across the United States.

If a person is experiencing symptoms of depression such as insomnia or oversleeping, loss of appetite, loss of interest in things that used to give pleasure, and social withdrawal, it's best to contact a professional. There are also several tips that experts believe can help ease stress, including being around nature, strolling around a park, or walking around the city.

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