While everyone seems to be raving about foldable phones — though the Galaxy Fold isn't doing so well at the moment — Nubia is keeping it classic with a gaming powerhouse.

In this case, the innovation isn't a new form factor or fancy display — it's a cooling fan chucked underneath the ultra-slim body, making it the first-ever smartphone to have that component.

The Chinese manufacturer has now announced the latest refresh for its gaming smartphone, the Red Magic 3. Nubia says the internal cooling fan is quiet and spins up to 14,000 rpm. That alone isn't the only thing that makes the phone a gaming powerhouse, though. There's also a liquid cooling system tucked underneath, plus an Air In vent at the back and an Air Out vent on the side.

Powered by all those, gaming on the Red Magic 3 should be a smooth, heat-free, and no-frills experience. It also comes with a lot of other gaming-centric quirks, such as a dedicated noise-canceling mic, two shoulder buttons, and a fingerprint sensor that doubles as an extra button when playing games. It's also got 4D smart shock, a system that matches vibrations to different scenes in a game to enhance overall gameplay. Thanks to its built-in gaming dock pins, the phone will accept a handful of gaming accessories as well.

On the software side, the phone comes with a Red Magic Game Space 2.0 dashboard that lets users easily access their video game library in addition to a suite of cooling fan controls and other phone settings that make for optimal gameplay.

Nubia Red Magic 3 Specs

Time to get technical. The Red Magic 3 comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor that's paired with an Adreno 640 GPU. There will be three memory and storage options available, the highest of which puts 256 GB of onboard storage and a whopping 12 GB of RAM on the tiny device. More budget-conscious consumers can always go for the cheaper configurations, of course.

The phone sports a 6.65-inch Full HD AMOLED display that supports HDR and features a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which is a must for any screen mainly used for gaming because it keeps lags and visual hiccups at bay. Front-facing speakers are found on the front, and they feature DTS:X surround sound.

There's a beastly 5,000 mAh battery keeping everything juiced up. Also, Nubia says users can get an hour of playtime after just 10 minutes of charging thanks to the 27 W quick charging technology built-in.

Nubia Red Magic 3 Price And Release Date

The Red Magic 3 comes out May 3, but only in China. It'll head to other markets, including the United States, UK, Canada, and Europe later that month. When converted, the 6 GB RAM model with 64 GB of storage costs $430. The maxed out variant, meanwhile, costs about $640. Be sure to hit Nubia's website for more information.

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