If You Hate iTunes, Expect To Be Disappointed At Apple’s Rumored Standalone Music App For macOS


It's currently being rumored that Apple plans to release a standalone Apple Music app for macOS, which operate separately from iTunes. That app is apparently part of Project Marzipan, an initiative to help developers create a single app that works across Apple's products.

Although all rumors should still be taken with a grain of salt, the news pleased those who loathe iTunes. However, they might just end up disappointed. Apparently, the new standalone Music app will still be based on iTunes and won't be a new Marzipan-based app, says 9to5Mac.

Standalone Music App For macOS

The report adds that instead of developing an entirely new Music app from scratch, Music will be based on a shared codebase with Apple's existing standalone Music app on iOS. That means the new Music app for macOS will still be a regular AppKit Mac app. In turn, that probably means it'll still mirror iTunes a great deal, only with a few features removed to focus more on music.

In addition, this new Music app will apparently keep many features already on iTunes, such as smart playlists, advanced library management, iOS syncing, and even disc burning and reading. This isn't such terrible news for those who rely on these features regularly, but it is a downer for those hoping this new Music app would be a trimmed-down, streamlined, and totally redesigned app that wouldn't follow iTunes' footsteps.

iTunes Is Here To Stay

So what happens then to iTunes? 9to5Mac says it's possible that an older version of iTunes will still be kept available for users who need extra features. The current version of iTunes includes the App Store, support for ringtones, and many other legacy features. That means iTunes is here to stay, probably to the dismay of many.

Aside from Music, Apple is also said to be breaking off Video and Podcasts from iTunes and make them standalone apps, but 9to5Mac's report doesn't make clear if those new apps will be based on Marzipan. Given that they're all small parts of iTunes with, as The Verge notes, less baggage attached, Apple could choose to go that route.

Apple is scheduled to share new announcements this June at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Perhaps it'll share more Marzipan-related details there when it unveils macOS 10.15.

Thoughts on a more music-focused standalone app for macOS? Do you hate iTunes like many others do? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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