Samsung has finally give its Galaxy Fold a new release date — kind of. It didn't specify a date outright, but did say the phone "will not be too late."

Originally scheduled to come out April 26, Samsung had to delay the device indefinitely after units sent to reviewers began breaking in numerous, unexpected ways, including bulging, flickering, and downright malfunctioning. At the time, Samsung said it will use the time to investigate reported cases.

Galaxy Fold New Release Date

Co-CEO DJ Koh, who oversees Samsung's mobile division, told The Korea Herald that the company "has reviewed the defect caused from substances [that entered the device], and we will reach a conclusion in a couple of days [on the launch]."

From that, it appears Samsung may have found a solution to the problem encountered specifically by The Verge, whose Galaxy Fold review unit developed a bump under the screen just after a day of use.

The company plans to improve the hinge's durability, especially its exposed areas, the report adds. It also plans to reduce the gap between the screen's bezels and the protective layer on top. Reviewers mistakenly thought that layer was meant to be removed, but when they did, the screen malfunctioned immediately. To be fair, Samsung failed to place a clear warning that the topmost layer isn't meant to be removed.

Asked if the Galaxy Fold will be released in the United States within the month, Koh simply said that Samsung "will not be too late." Samsung recently announced that it would cancel any preorders if the phone doesn't ship by May 31 unless customers notify the company outright.

The Future Of Foldable Phones

What fixes Samsung is going to apply to its Galaxy Fold remains uncertain, but it does seem the company plans to release the device sooner than initially anticipated. Samsung's problems underscore the consequences inherent to any new kind of innovation. Foldable phones are expected to be the next big thing, but because they're largely untried and untested, snags and drawbacks shouldn't surprise anyone. In any case, foldability appears to be the next big thing in the smartphone world. Even Google is apparently testing a few foldable prototypes.

Even without a proper release date for the Galaxy Fold, it's at least reassuring that Samsung hasn't canceled the device altogether. It does, however, remain to be determined whether the company has successfully ironed out the kinks this time around. Make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

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