Amazon Prime One-Day Shipping Now Available In Some Areas


Amazon revealed a while back that it was going to try and cut down two-day shipping for those subscribed to Amazon Prime to just one. Now, it appears Amazon has indeed sped up deliveries in some areas.

As spotted by SlickDeals, a new one-day option has started appearing on various Prime items called "Prime FREE One-Day." It replaces the previous two-day shipping option. Again, this isn't available on all accounts yet, so anyone's mileage may vary at this point.

Amazon Rolls Out One-Day Shipping For Prime Orders

The option has previously appeared on everything from Apple iPads to Instant Pots and even paper towels, as SlickDeals notes. It's not clear yet which items are available for one-day delivery, although the report notes that it covers a wide range of categories, including home essentials, gaming devices, and electronics.

Before now, there was already a one-day delivery option, but only for orders over $35. Amazon's new shipping method, on the other hand, is being offered to all Prime orders, as with the current two-day option, no minimum purchase amount required.

CFO Brian Olsavsky said previously that it will take Amazon "a significant amount of time to achieve" one-day shipping for all Prime users, so for those who aren't seeing it pop yet on items, don't fret. Amazon has also confirmed that it's already rolled out one-day shipping for "millions of items." The retailer originally announced to cut down shipping times on April 25.

For those who already have the option, do know that purchases will be delivered by 9 p.m. the day after they're ordered.

As Tech Times previously mentioned in its report about Amazon's one-day shipping plans, speeding up deliveries would be a boon both for customers and Amazon's business. Not only will it increase revenue for product sales, it might also encourage more users to sign up for Prime.

Amazon Prime

Prime is Amazon's monthly subscriptions service that gives shoppers a handful of perks, including fast shipping, Prime Video, and many others. There's no mention whether membership fees might climb because of the new one-day shipping perk. Prime launched in 2005 at $79 per year. Now, an annual subscription costs $119, though users can instead opt for the $12.99 monthly plan.

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Has the new one-day shipping option popped up for you yet? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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