Per Apple's updated support document, users can now use Apple Pay for purchasing things on iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, and a variety of other purchases.

That means Apple's proprietary payments system is now an accepted payment method for its own suite of services, something that probably should have been a thing from the get-go. Users can use it to pay for apps, games, subscribe to Apple Music or iCloud, and more.

Apple Pay Now Works With Apple Purchases

MacRumors first spotted the change, now reflected in Apple's updated support document online. The new payment option comes right on time ahead of the Apple Card, which is expected this summer. Apple is recently reported to be handing out official Apple Cards to some of its employees, which come in vibrant packaging. The card itself adopts a more minimalist design, though, featuring just the name on the front alongside an Apple logo, and MasterCard and Goldman Sachs logos on the back, Apple's official banking partners for the service.

The feature is now rolling out for users living in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates. It comes as a server-side change, meaning there's no need to update anything — just wait until it shows up.

To link a credit or debit card to an Apple ID account, simply go to Settings, then iTunes & App Store. Next, select the appropriate Apple ID then tap View Apple ID, then Manage Payments, and finally, Add Payment Method. The cards should be listed under a new "Found in Wallet" section.

Apple Card

As an incentive, purchases made with Apple Pay are eligible for 2 percent cash back, 3 percent if it's an Apple product, including all the digital services above-mentioned. In addition, Apple Pay offers a handful of other benefits, such as the ability to add multiple credit and debit cards, and a more streamlined method for managing Apple Music and iCloud storage subscriptions from the Wallet app.

Apple Pay is expected to soon work with EMV cards as well for easier, more hassle-free public commuting. Apple is also adding a few new NFC functionalities that allow people, for instance, to shop for a piece of clothing just by tapping an NFC tag on the rack where it's hanging, or to rent Bird scooters the same way.

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