In a bid to lure more Switch owners to eke out a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, the company is holding a somewhat decent promotion that'll save users a bit of money on games.

Nintendo made this new voucher-based discount at its May 2019 Direct, which focused on the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2. The voucher may be used to preorder that title, but it can be used to purchase any Switch game as well.

Switch Online Game Voucher

Here's how it works: Those who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online will receive a special voucher that lets them buy two full-priced Switch games for $100. For example, one player could preorder Super Mario Maker 2 and download Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and save $20 on the two titles' combined retail price.

As previously mentioned, this deal is only somewhat decent. A Switch Online subscription costs $20 a year, so there's actually no money to be saved unless for those who are already subscribed. Granted, Switch Online comes with a handful of perks such as cloud saves, online multiplayer, and a growing library of streamable NES games, but it's no perfect as many users have noted.

In any case, this is a limited offer than ends on July 31. Nintendo says vouchers should be "redeemable for one year from the date of purchase and don't have to be used at the same time." There's a sizable list of games included in this promotion, most of them first-party such as Zelda, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, and others. It's not clear if Nintendo will add future games to this list, such as Pokémon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing, but did confirm "the selection of eligible software will continue to grow over time."

Super Mario Maker 2 Bundle

There's also a Super Mario Maker 2 and Nintendo Switch Online bundle, which nets players a copy of the game and a year's worth of subscription for $70, which represents a $10 discount from the combined retail price of both items. This isn't a bad deal, especially since players will need an online subscription to access most of the modes in Super Mario Maker 2.

Nintendo is set to announce new titles alongside updates to already announced games at its Nintendo Direct presentation during E3 festivities on June 11. Those planning to get the voucher should watch out for new games they might want in the presentation. Watch the full Super Mario Maker 2 Direct below:

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